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The Lambda Chapter of Alpha Psi is a social-professional fraternity founded May 15th, 1948 at The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Historically, the members of Alpha Psi are involved in all aspects of the veterinary college. As you meet and get to know many of our current members, you will see this still holds true today. Alpha Psi promotes the importance of being active within the college, developing leadership skills, and educating the public about the veterinary profession. Furthermore, we believe that the terms "professional" and "social" are not mutually exclusive. The members of Alpha Psi work to provide an informal, relaxed refuge from the stresses of veterinary school. This enables veterinary students to get to know one another and become close friends with their future colleagues.

The fraternity's largest role is in providing relief from constant studying. NOBODY CAN STUDY FOREVER, and if you try, you will burn out quickly. Even professors will agree with this, and this is why you will often see professors at both fraternity houses supporting many of our events. Students learn to greatly appreciate the few minutes at lunch or the hour breaks in the afternoon and evening spent at the Alpha Psi house watching TV, shooting pool, competing in cornhole, or playing foosball or volleyball. We at Alpha Psi take pride in our members' ability to find balance in their vet school lives.  It is essential to being successful during your four years here at UGA. 

AY Events
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National Fraternity History
From the founding Alpha Chapter at The Ohio State:

It is unfortunate that much of the written history of the early days of Alpha Psi Fraternity has been lost. Apparently a Directory was created in 1912, revised in 1942 and supplemented in 1960 but most of the information concerning the first chapters is that which was written in 1912. The list of national officers is complete but the minutes of national council meetings prior to 1938 are missing except for biannual meetings in 1910 and 1912.

The loss of the early records can in part be explained by analyzing what was happening in the veterinary medical profession during that period. Apparently confusion existed about what was needed in veterinary education and prior to WWI no standards existed for the awarding of a veterinary degree. Veterinary medicine was predominantly large animal in practice with a high percentage of that being equine. Laws were being written that would help in the control of animal diseases but they were met with resistance by animal owners as well as industry. The advent of motorized vehicles cast a cloud on the economic future of veterinary medicine and while some new schools were created, 41 of the early schools no longer exist. At the end of WWI there were 7 Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the United States. The depression, which started in 1929, had a further impact and at the end of WWII there were 11 schools, six of which had Alpha Psi Chapters. These were Ohio State (Alpha, 1907), Pennsylvania (Beta, 1907), Colorado State (Zeta, 1910), Auburn (Theta, 1912) and Washington State (Kappa, 1915). In 1996 only three of these Alpha, Epsilon, and Theta) were active. It is assumed, but can't be verified, that there were only a few national council meetings held in the twenties and thirties.

Following WWII veterinary medicine experienced tremendous growth and by 1958 the number of schools was expanded to 18. Schools at California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Purdue, and Tuskegee and Alpha Psi Chapters were chartered at Georgia (Lambda, 1948), Oklahoma State (Mu, 1954) and Minnesota (Nu, 1957). The next era of expansion occurred in the seventies when the number of schools reached 27. Alpha Psi chapters were added at Florida (Xi, 1981), Tufts (Omicron, 1982), Virginia/Maryland (Pi, 1983), Mississippi State (Rho, 1989), and Tennessee (Sigma, 1992).

Several factors have had an influence on the rise and fall of the number of chapters and members of Alpha Psi. Administrations at some schools have vigorously resisted the establishment of veterinary fraternities, often saying that fraternities would have a damaging influence on the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA). The facts haven't borne this out over the years colleges with fraternities have had strong SCAVMA programs with good national participation. Another factor of influence on two chapters (Zeta and Kappa) was that they existed as honorary scholastic organizations. Confusion occurred when the Phi Zeta honorary society was established and in spite of advice from the National Council that the Zeta and Kappa should reorganize as social groups they did not and are now inactive. Feminization of the veterinary profession became evident in the early seventies and the National Council voted to remove the "male only" membership requirement from the constitution, allowing membership requirements to be a local option. Competition with Omega Tau Sigma may be viewed by some as a negative factor on their campus but, for the most part, where both are located on the same campus the competition is healthy and beneficial for both organizations. Some college administrators have decreed that only one fraternity can exist at their school, a questionable use of their authority. Certainly a negative influence on some chapters has been the increased cost of higher education and the increased cost for house maintenance and liability insurance which has made it extremely difficult for some of the chapters to survive.

Through the years the time of the business meetings has been changed a few times. In the early days the meetings were biannual, in the spring, but the annual meetings began in 1961. In 1972 the meeting time was moved from the the fall to the winter quarter because of scheduling difficulties in the fall, primarily football weekends. The move to the winter quarter/semester greatly simplified scheduling and improved delegate attendance.

In 1996 Alpha Psi Fraterinty had 11 active chapters and 7 inactive chapters. It is important for the active chapters to accept as their obligation an effort to support each other, to attempt to revive the inactive chapters and to look for expansion opportunities at other colleges. 

The Halloween Party is co-hosted with OTS; each fraternity taking turns to play host at their respective fraternity house. Vet students take great pride in showing off their Halloween costumes. Prizes are awarded to the Best Costume, Scariest Costume, and Most Creative Costume.
Kudzulympics is a school-wide competition held during the fall semester that pits the students from each class in a head-to-head challenge of brawn and wit. They compete by class in a range of events from volleyball, dodgeball, tug-of-war, to flip cup and a relay race. The Class of 2014 were the 2011 champs.  Who will win this year? Click the picture for an inside look.
Casino Night takes place at the end of April and is Alpha Psi's main philanthropy event for the year. Attendants donate $10 to receive $100 worth of poker chips they can wager in the "AY Casino". UGA CVM faculty, clinicians, residents, and interns volunteer their time to be the dealers for games like blackjack, poker, and the roulette tables. At the end of the night AY puts on a live auction of many items donated by local businesses. The attendants can then bid on those items using the chips they have won throughout the evening.  All proceeds benefit The G.R.A.C.E. Fund which is an emergency fund that provides financial assistance to clients and their animals who cannot afford medical treatment  at the UGA Teaching Hospital.
Casino Night
Slip 'N Slide is the first part of Alpha Psi's Wet and Wild Weekend!  It's held the first Friday of the fall semester while it still feels like summer outside. Students enjoy sliding down the large slide the entire length of AY's backyard into a pile of mattresses. There are hotdogs and adult beverages available so a good time is had by all. How fast can you slide?
Slip 'N Slide
About Us


The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine - Lambda Chapter 
The Freshmen Fry-Off is hosted by the Alpha Psi members to invite and get to know the new potential AY pledges. We set up several large fry pots out back to allow members to fry whatever their hearts desire. A main dish of fried chicken or fish is provided by Alpha Psi to the attendees. Amazing things are fried that night including pickles, mushrooms, okra, eggs, oreos, kit kats, twinkies, and much, much more.
The Christmas Party is a "members-only" event held before final exams. The common theme is "Tacky Christmas" and members pull out those hideous sweaters and wear them with pride. The Christmas Party is also a philanthropy event as members are encouraged to bring a toy to place under the AY Christmas tree. All toys collected that night are then donated to Toys for Tots.
Hobo Ball is a long standing tradition in Alpha Psi. There are pictures from the 70's of members dressed in their best hobo attire. We carry on the tradition today by hosting the party every other year. This "members-only" event is held during the fall semester. Members dress up in their best worn jeans and bandanas to party at the AY House. In 2011 we even hosted a live bluegrass band called "The Four Theives."
The Alpha Psi Formal is a "members-only" event held in February. This black tie affair is when members get to shed the scrub tops and don the suits and cocktail dresses. Formal is traditionally held at various venues around Athens. In years past, we've partied down at The Classic Center, The Foundry Inn, and Cine BarCafe.
Oyster Roast takes place in mid-April and serves as a part of Alpha Psi's Parents Weekend. Members invite their families and friends for fresh steamed oysters on the half-shell as well as a low country boil. In 2012, we chose to add the awesome element of live music. But you don't have to be an AY member to attend! The entire vet school is invited to indulge on all the great food. Keep an eye out for your chance to purchase your ticket to this great event!
Freshmen Fry-Off
Christmas Party
Halloween Party
Hobo Ball
Parent's Weekend
Initiation, which occurs in early November,  is a big deal at Alpha Psi. We celebrate the end of the rush season by welcoming in our newest AY inductees. The current members come together at the AY House to support the new inductees with our traditional induction ceremony, followed by a huge party. But no initiation celebration would be complete without some great costumes that have been passed down through the ages of AY! Initiation always proves to be a night to remember for new and old members alike.
AY Initiation
Pledge Night takes place a few weeks before Initiation so that students interested in joining Alpha Psi can find out more about our fraternity and get to know our members even better. The evening begins with some fun get-to-know-you games at the AY House and then the party continues downtown. In 2011, AY took our pledges and members to Walker's Pub for drinks and karaoke!
Pledge Night
Alumni Night is held the Friday of The UGA CVM's Alumni Weekend during March. It is a chance for AY alums to gather, visit with one another, and learn the latest news from the Lambda Chapter. This is an excellent opportunity for current members to make connections with alumni who are now practicing veterinarians. Many AY members have arranged jobs and externships through our AY alumni. Let's not forget that a gathering of any members through the years means a fun night for all.
Alumni Night